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Sérum Oligo-Proteines Marines


Oligo- Proteines Marines is the ultimate anti-dark-circles serum. This care product reduces the bluish appearance of dark circles, providing a genuine “anti-fatigue” effect. In a single step, dark circles are plumped up, eyes seem more rested and luminous.

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Specifically designed for the fragile under-eye area, Oligo-Protéines Marines provides a complete solution against vascular and pigmented dark circles. The Hawthorn and Arabian Jasmine Complex acts on two types of dark circles: pigmented dark circles (brown), by reducing the amount of melanin under the eye, as well as vascular dark circles (blue), by acting on vascular permeability. This complex therefore reduces the colored appearance of this extremely fragile area for a genuine anti-dark-circles effect. The Complex of Marine Oligo Proteins increases the production of collagen and elastin by the fibroblasts. As a result, it has antioxidant and revitalizing effects to illuminate the eye contour area and the face. This serum reduces the colored appearance of dark circles, providing a genuine, long- lasting “anti-fatigue” effect. The skin is revitalized, energized, dark circles are plumped up, the eyes seem more rested and luminous.

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