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Serum Matriciel Visage

Sérum Matriciel Visage is a targeted skin care product that improves the structure and volume of the face. This immediate tightening effect improves the skin’s tone and tension by visibly reducing the signs of aging. Its formula combats the effects of gravity and the atrophy of fat and muscle tissues to rebalance the cheekbone area, cheeks and jowls, neck and oval of the face.

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Serum Matriciel Visage

Addressing one of the most complex and inevitable problems, i.e. the progressive sagging of the face, Sérum Matriciel Visage, using more than 10 active ingredients, combines a double action:- Intensified volumes and filled facial hollows- Surface tensor. It provides immediate and lasting results on the cheeks, jowls, neck and oval of the face.

Result: Tightens the features, increases the viscoelasticity of the skin tissue and restores the structure and volume of the face.

Direction for use: Onto clean skin, apply the Serum Matriciel Visage over the entire face, neck and décolleté in gentle ascending movements until complete absorption.


Volume: 30ml


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