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Lotion P50 Corps

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Exfoliating and Purifying Lotion P50 Corps

Product description: This formulation is based on the same principles as Lotion P50 Visage, but adapted to body care.  Use of P50 is an essential stage in preparing the epidermis.  Lotion P50 Corps is rich in Poly-Alpha-Beta-Hydroxy-Acids, Nettle and Lemon extracts. Its gentle exfoliating action tones and balances skin acidity levels preparing the body for the next treatments.

Direction for use: Patting into body


Volume in Oz :8.4


Without Glove, With Glove

1 review for Lotion P50 Corps

  1. jessbusi

    What an underrated product. This product brings the same results that P50 does for the face; only for the body. How often I would spend money on exfoliants, scrubs, creams, body oils, etc… the fact remains none of those products do what this one does single-handedly.
    Firstly, the application alone is like a semi-lymphatic massage. It circulates your blood, whilst exfoliating dead skin cells all over your body. After the product absorbs, you can literally apply any lotion (though I love VIP 02 body lotion) and it allows for deeper penetration into the skin. Somehow, the body oil & creams absorb more deeply into the skin; not sitting topically on the body, making you feel like a grease ball.
    This is a 5 star product; tightens your skin, exfoliates, and softens. I discovered this product as I love the sun- and naturally after months of summer tanning, I would look at my leathery, chapped skin and cringe. After using this product, my Mojave Desert legs looked 10-15 years younger.
    I highly recommend this product as we often forget that our body ages with our face, and both need attention. For anyone that wants results from head-toe, P50 is the answer.

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