Emulsion Corps VIP O2

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Emulsion Corps VIP O2 – Body Skincare

Hydrating Emulsion

Immediate and long-lasting moisture of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Protects skin from daily aggressions.

Soothes irritation and itching.

Stimulates skin’s natural defenses.

Participates in cell regeneration and repair.


-Ideal for sensitive, devitalized and very dehydrated Skin Instants.

Volume in Oz : 5.1

1 review for Emulsion Corps VIP O2

  1. jessbusi

    This product is my summertime hero product. When someone thinks glow-up, this is the exact product to take you there. I am obsessed with the P50 Body, and together they are a knock-out punch, that quenches all the dryness. I was in Tel Aviv over the past month- and as woman who loves the sun, I am often looking for a quick fix versus a solution to my dryness. My skin throughout the time never felt more soft, sexy, or luxurious. My skin wasn’t dry, crackly, nor flaky. It maintained the best glow of my life, my shoulders were illuminated by color & softened with VIP02. I cannot describe how this product delivers.

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